Saturday, 14 June 2014

Sze's Dance Updates June-Sep 2014

Dear everyone,

It’s nice to be in touch again after a blur of projects in 2013. This year I’ve had a relatively quieter start and no major shows in Singapore so far, focusing more on improv facilitation, teaching, networking and personal development, and enjoying dancing in public places like the National Library Plaza and on the MRT!  

Now the latter half of the year is where it heats up a little bit, with shows and I hope more dancing in community and public spaces. My next projects:

The labour of love continues in its fourth year!  This year we are excited to have a fully subscribed festival with facilitators from four countries and again incorporating a link to the global underscore practice that will happen on June 22rd around the world.  There will also be a sharing open to public on 23 June at Rimbun Dahan.

I’m co-teaching a workshop on 5 July that is an experiment that has been bubbling for a while - conversations over a year with Marc Bauchet about the deep fundamentals of partnering work that we've observed in Contact Improv and Acroyoga. How can we listen at a deeper level, and expand our possibilities for connection, flow, and flight?

I am totally thrilled to soon begin work with the legendary Xavier le Roy and a group of interesting independent dancers based in Singapore. Retrospective is “an exhibition conceived as a choreography of actions that will be carried out by performers for the duration of the exhibition. These actions will compose situations that inquire into various experiences about how we use, consume or produce time.”

Yes, some people in France really do like Focus.  We will be playing another summer road tour - woohoo!  My romance with hydraulic U-Hauls to be continued!

Gitanjali, 26-28 Sep, The Necessary Stage at SOTA Theatre
I had the privilege to assist this new collaboration at TNS, a complex, moving, interdisciplinary work bringing the writings of Tagore into contemporary life of a family between Singapore and India.  It features my dear friends Ole Khamchanla, Raka Maitra, Jereh Leong, alongside the amazing Sharda Harrison, Ebi Shankara, and Padma Sagaram.

Together with my collaborator Kai Eng, we have been offering a new series of regular contact improvisation jams at Kallang CC.  We’ve had a great two months of new faces and visitors from abroad. The next series starting July will take place on Saturday afternoons.

Three new facebook platforms that I am involved in, looking at growing connections across the region among independent dancers and improvisers.



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