Monday, 16 September 2013

Monkey biz

I can hardly believe that we've finally wrapped up three shows of Do Gorillas Peel Bananas? at the Substation! What the heck just happened!

Photography by EnricKoan 

It seems like a really long time since we first tossed around the title in 2012, and then the selection of the Open Call in May 2013. Searching for what my "process" might be...painful-confusing-hilarious-terrifying-absorbing-exhausting-exciting-miserable... I couldn't have gotten through it without some amazing and patient collaborators David Lim, Andy Lim, Brian Gothong Tan, Norisham Osman, a whole new bunch of perspectives from my mentors Natalie Hennedige and Fendy, and the listening ears of friends and relatives. I'm kind of stunned that my silly little experiment with a lot of duct tape has resonated with so many people. A huge thank you to everyone who worked on and supported the show in so many ways. Thank you for the space to grow.

(Thank you the Substation, Lee Foundation, Arts Fund, Rimbun Dahan (KL), Mum, Dad, Yi Gu Ma, Air and Odor Management Pte Ltd, Laura Kho, Tong Wen Yee, Laura Tham, Yen Feng, Joey Feng, Nick Yip, Dylan Tan, Din and Israf, Annabelle and the Substation staff, Pat Toh, Ian Tan, Bilqis Hijjas.)