Saturday, 8 August 2009

moving like air

I had the privilege of taking an open workshop with Kuik Swee Boon and some of his dancers last night. It was an introduction to the style of T.H.E. and their current repertory Silence , a brooding piece that's going to be revisited at the Esplanade the week after next (see listings on the edge of my seat, on the right).

The workshop was slightly painful and mostly ecstatic - I thank all my lucky stars and wonderful teachers for the training that allowed me to follow it. Swee Boon's style is built on a ballet base of clear body positions and verticality, but has the beautiful, organic elements of interaction with the air and the earth. The phrases that we looked at pulsed with an urgent tension and fluid grace.

The best part was just watching him as he generously demonstrated the details, and explained their qualities in his gentle, eager voice. There is an amazing kineticism about him, a lithe electricity in his elastic relationship between verticality and the gravity of the floor, the flow of breath to muscle.

This weekend I shall dream of moving like air.

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