Thursday, 18 June 2009

Three cheers for adults dancing in Singapore!

One of the main reasons that I began this blog was because so many people tell me that they love dance and ask me whether I think they could dance too, even though they've grown up and got careers and families. Yes, absolutely!

I am especially grateful to the bunch of radiant mums and professionals who I get to dance with at Attitude, who rush down to class after work or when they've fixed the kids dinner. We even have a grandmother in our class.

Mr B:
"I don't want people who want to dance. I want people who have to dance."

I find that this describes my friends as much as the NYCB ballerinas that Balanchine was thinking of! They teach me a lot about perseverance and passion, and help me to believe that dance is something that can stay with you forever, if only you can find your strength to stick with it.

The best part about dancing in Singapore is that there is so much interest and so many places where dance is happening. Every month I scratch my head over the arts calendar while I make difficult choices over the many local and international dance performances (not to mention attempting to squeeze in my other three loves, theatre, music and visual arts). Because of my indecision, I miss quite a few shows because they get sold out. But I really have to be happy about that too. At this point in time, we are blessed with audiences that are both faithful and adventurous. And I am constantly hearing about new schools and wonderful teachers. One board that I like to drop in on from time to time is at Dance Net.

I've had the chance to add some links at the sidebar for schools and classes that I hope you'll find useful. Please feel free to send suggestions! The list is focused mainly on schools for technique in ballet, modern/contemporary and jazz, and I hope to add a section on ethnic dance too, as I learn more about it. As I'm not as familiar with them, I haven't included the waves of social dance, latin, and line dancing that also have huge followings here.

Happy dancing!

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